nature hikes

An outing in a natural setting means we can reach a specific destination, a mountain pass, a peak or a lake or simply enjoy magnificent scenery.


But apart from the scenic aspect the landscape we cross has many hidden secrets. Expert eyes can reveal ancient stories that have influenced the lie of the land, the vegetation and animals we see around us today.


Discovering the environment around us by observing and listening is without question, interesting, involving and often unforgettable, because we can see first-hand the links between life forms and their environment.


The excursions I am offering aim to contemplate the natural environment as a whole, looking at the way it works at its main players. Arriving at our goal can be the means to discover a territory that supports thousands of life forms, some visible, others hidden from our senses.


A person who facilitates this process of discovery and provides the right tools for interpreting is a resource to help better understand the complex mechanisms of nature.


A guide is this resource to help you on your discovery, the person to give you the pointers and maybe set off a spark of curiosity.


You will be involved and take an active part in every meeting, so that every emotion you feel will encourage you to get a better understanding of nature.