When we create something, it is never entirely fruit of our own capabilities and inventiveness. The encouragement, ideas, suggestions and the gratification we receive from others usually help us improve on what we could have managed alone.


Although the graphic design, texts and photos (almost all) are my work, with my skills and taste, (you decide if they make the grade), there has been much helpful revision and criticism.


For this, I would first like to thank my wife Tiziana, without her I would never have launched into this adventure or others.


Then Bruno, Luisa, Anna, Enrica, Francine, Fabiola and James, who in some way have contributed to make this product more interesting.


Thanks also to all those who see fit to comment, make suggestions, to stimulate other changes to this offering, which is also autobiographical.


This site was born out of a desire to test myself in a project which I hope will see success in the coming years.

I am sure this site will lead to new, interesting things, for me and I hope for others too.


Luca Giraudo


Boves, 14 February 2016

foto Laurent Carré 2014

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Luca Francesco Maria Giraudo


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